make your Business BEAUTIFUL Android apps


make your Business BEAUTIFUL Android apps
Please contact me before placing an order to talk about the exact price.

3 Easy Steps to Create Your App!

App Name

Your App Type- (Music,Events,Business,Education,Blog,Restaurants, Photography and other type..)

Facebook Page Name/Website URL

Features Of My Apps:
  1. New Style & Clean !
  2. We strive for Perfection Only!
  3. Quick and proper app !

You Will Get This Package For Free! :

APK and keystore (which you need for Play Store publishing).

Special QR Code Designed for your own app!
Push Notifications
4 ScreenShot (2 for Phone & 2 for Tablet)
New!-Website Optimized for Your own App

Extra Services

*publishing your app into Google Play- 5$
Buy this service in two easy steps Order Now $20

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