create custom guitar or bass loops @!!


create custom guitar or bass loops @!!
i can send you a volume of 250 + guitar and bass loops that I custom made for pastseoclearksgigs!!
this volume is only available on seoclearks!
i m still doing custom work with upgraded everything!!
a les paul or a fender strat or a martin acoustic or a fender jazz bass
through a fender hot rod deville with a 57 close, twin condensers far and direct in all recorded through a presonus 4x4 into sonar x2 producer at once and bounced into 1 .wav. these are not for resale ! when purchasing you agree not to sell or distribute, you are buying a license to use it in your music, videos or live shows
from blues to jazz to heavy metal to ragtime. from acoustic ,clean or crunchy. i can create loops in 4,8,12,16 bars 4/4 6/8 at any speed. .wav or looping rex files. made with a 57 reissue les paul, or a fender strat, a martin acoustic or a geddy lee signature fender jazz bass custom made to order real live recordings, ready to be dropped into your recording software. GUARANTEED LOOPABILITY!!!
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