I will show people your bands music


I will show people your bands music
I love music with a huge passion and want to help you're band gain more fans. I have my own facebook page called Alex Bulthuis Music. Be sure to search for it on facebook. For 5 bucks I will post you're links that direct traffic to your band's music. I will be adding more to this soon! Thanks !

Bands I have interviewed and helped promote - Sevendust, Godsmack,Three Years Hollow,Smile Empty Soul,Taproot,Eye Empire,Art of Dying, My Darkest Days and more!

Things I will post for you are-

You or your bands Facebook music page
Your bands website or any links that direct traffic to your music !

People I have interviewed are John from Sevendust. Tavis from Art of Dying. Sully from Godsmack. All of Smile Empty Soul.Crispin from The Veer Union. Toryn from Emphatic. DC from Eye Empire.Chris from Gone for Days, All of A.D.D. Josh from Pop Evil. Matt from My Darkest Days/Three Days Grace.Phil from Taproot and more
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