master any audio track


master any audio track
Will Professionally MASTER your audio track to the highest possible standard..... Mastering an audio track has lots of benefits including making your track sound the best it can possibly sound... After all you want to put your best sound forward so please let me help you do this.

Studios charge a lot of this process .. I will master any type of track but please provide good original content 192 kbps will be the minimum bit rate but would prefer higher. This is a mastering service not an EDITING or Mixing gig you must have tracks ready to be mastered. Pre mixed down at -6db with no cliping for the best results. But then again I can take anything and I will do my best to clean up even bad areas of a mix if they are there.

The files I accept are .wav and .mp3. If you want me to master podcasts or other longer files such as audio from videos or short films I can do that as well. !!!
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